Datasets for Introductory Masterclasses for IPPOGers and CERNois Nov. 28th 2019

The dataset package number is to be used as "Group number", and the dataset letter to be used as "Group letter" in the student result upload page (OPloT).

NB!! The files should be unzipped before using them in HYPATIA. (It will work without unzipping also, but some functionality will be lost)

Date Sessiont/Datasets
28.11 Session I   1  2  3  4
28.11 Session II   5  6  7  8

Link to root directory containing all datasets

Test file for trying student-style upload to the web-plot-tool

Can be found here
  • From the plot-submission page:, go to
    • OPloT→Student
    • Select the predefined test-data 01.01.2012
    • Upload to one of the test-institutes Test-Berlin, Test-Rome or any of the other that are free (Test-Oslo already have some events uploaded).
  • If you find that the group you chose to upload your file to (any group you wish), is already filled with a histogram, just try another group.